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At MPIC, Customer is always First. You know what is best for you. So we give you choice.

You may select from any of our following services:

* Outsource Project
* Use Contractor
* Get Contractor with option to Hire
* Direct Hire

Choose solution best suited to your need.

Our Job is to provide you pre-screened, qualified, and experienced technology professionals tailored to meet your specific need. We can rapidly deploy a single consultant or a team of consultants to meet your needs, short term or long term.

Nothing is more urgent for us than getting you right people where and when you need them. Our consultants are committed to ensuring the success of your technology project.

We are serious about making your project an outstanding success. Expect us to be in continuous communication with you, monitoring activities and keeping project running smoothly. We are only successful when you are successful.

Our services adapt with changes in your need.  We will work with you to adapt and grow.

We have listed some of our work, experience and clients' detail. You can reach us by phone 408 946 1500 and email info@mpic.com for more information or use Contact form to obtain more details.